Wondering What To Read Next? Here Are Our Top Three Picks By Award-Winning Authors!

Picking your next read can be a difficult job. So many different books to choose from! Lucky for you, we happen to have three award-winning books that will help you narrow it down. And even more fortunately, right now there is a whopping 25% discount for all three books when you buy them from MILK Bookstore!

#1. Quichotte by Salman Rushdie

Quichotte by Salman Rushdie

Inspired by the Cervantes classic "Don Quixote", this book is not recommended for the half-hearted! The novel is a story within a story: the main character, Sam Duchamp, a writer of spy thrillers, creates the tale of Quichotte, a travelling salesman and reality TV addict who pursues the affection of celebrity Miss Salma R. Rushdie's acerbic satire brings a socio-political commentary which illustrates the issues that riddle our current social landscape. The book doesn't require an in-depth knowledge of the classic Don Quixote, but we recommend gathering some basic knowledge on it to fully enjoy it. If you are a reader who loves social satire, lush prose, and metafictional storylines, this is the perfect pick for you!


#2. The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

The much-awaited sequel of the celebrated modern classic "The Handmaids Tale", this novel explores the world of Gilead in greater detail. Set more than fifteen years after Offred steps into the unknown, it follows the story of three new female narrators. "The Testaments" set a different tone to the first book; it is more action-oriented, with a undercurrent of rebellion that was not seen in the first book. If you loved "The Handmaid's Tale", you wouldn't want to miss out on this one!

#3. Our Mad and Furious City by Guy Gunaratne

In Our Mad And Furious City by Guy Gunaratne

Set in the inner city of London, Guy Gunaratne's debut novel explores the lives of three teenagers, Selvon, Ardan and Yusuf. Themes of racism, immigration, multiculturalism, and radicalization underpin this magnificent book, which has a slew of accolades attached to it. It has been longlisted for The Booker Prize, The Goldsmiths Prize, and has won both the Dylan Thomas Prize and the Jhalak Prize, and for good reason. It makes for a tense, thrilling and provocative read which will stay with you long after you turn the last page. This book is recommended for anyone and everyone!


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