Writer's Corner - April

The Best Day Of My Life
Written by:- Dananga Karunarathne
Age:- 14 years

"Today is the best day of my life.", Matteo said while stretching himself on the bed. His mind is still reflecting back to the past of that day.

The handsome son of a wealthy family, Matteo had what most people could only dream of having. A first-year music student at a prestigious university, Matteo seems to be perfectly at ease, living up to everyone's expectations of him. But what his charming exterior portrays is far different from what he keeps hidden on the inside. He is isolated in the inside. What Matteo needed more than anything is a friend. Unfortunately, finding a true friend is not quite easy as it is said.

Unexpectedly, one day he was paired up with Cody, a first-year music student as same as him for a duet which was planned to be played at the year end meeting of the university. Cody is far different from Matteo because he comes from a poor family background and is always loved by his peers. He is an orphan, so he has to find his expenditures by himself by doing part time jobs.

Matteo always loved practicing the duet with Cody because it is the only time he does not feel isolated. Though Cody is usually a jolly chap, he is not very sociable during the practice of the duet.

Inexplicably Matteo finds himself drawn to his partner. Matteo and Cody eventually begin to accept each other and very slowly, a bond of friendship begins to grow between them. Completely contrasting in every way, Matteo and Cody have little in common but their friendship is real, providing each of them the strength they need to take on the challenges they both face in life.

Cody did not want to do part time jobs anymore as his new friend helps him during financial problems. Matteo's isolation also became only a memory. Both of their lives are now a dazzling party. Laugh and happiness became very common. Both of them were restless till they start practicing the duet.

 After many practices, the most awaited day has come. Sound of lessons are not heard but the chattering of students is breaking the silence of the university. Matteo and Cody are eagerly waiting to go on to the stage. The stage is like an talent show audition. Ballerinas are not performing, they are living in the Swan Lake ballet. Hip hop and break dances make the audience keep their mouths open.

Matteo and Cody is heading to the stage as they were invited for their duet. The grand piano is already kept on the stage, they only have to play it as usual. “There’s nothing more fun than sitting down at a piano and busting out a tune with a fellow pianist.” Cody always used to say while practicing. Matteo while reminding his friend's words, stretches his fingers and starts pressing the keys of the piano. Cody is playing the piano like he is born to do it. The tune born when the four hands play the piano is a therapy for the listeners ears. Matteo’s and Cody’s vocal skills also amazed the audience. Both of them have amazing range and their emotions are perfectly encapsulated in the song they performed.

No one has ever seen Matteo in such a radiant mood. He has gone to the euphoria during the performance. He could not be happier than performing a duet with his jolly chap, Cody. That day, when the moon kissed the ground, he embraced his mattress happily.

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